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Mineralised Salt Licks

Mineralised Salt Licks - specialist private-label manufacturer

Harlequin Nutrition Ltd is an independent UK-based manufacturer of salt-based mineral licks for livestock. Supplying both home and export markets, we make our mineral blocks to the highest quality and supply a variety of markets, including dairy, beef and growing cattle, sheep, buffalo, camels, goats, horses, deer and pigs. We have a full range of specifications available, but can also offer ‘own-label’ formulations for the customer’s own market.

Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK

Our unique manufacturing process enables us to make a wider range of recipes and mineral specifications than most manufacturers – just ask! Our professionally-made mineral licks are pressed hard and will withstand being left in the wet weather without crumbling.

Located close to the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, England, we are at the heart of the UK’s farming industry. We know that farmers value the quality and reliability of our mineralised salt blocks as a key part of their nutrition strategy.

British Made, British Quality, Global Reach UFAS UKAS PAI

Salt Blocks

Salt (sodium chloride) is a critical nutrient for the wellbeing and health of all livestock, providing an essential factor in nerve function as well as regulating the osmotic pressure of blood plasma.

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Quality & Manufacture

Harlequin’s production facility is fully accredited to the UK’s Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (‘UFAS’) quality standard.

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Harlequin Nutrition Ltd. was formed in 2003 by two animal nutritionists. Building on their combined experience of manufacturing, nutrition and logistics.

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