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Harlequin Nutrition Ltd was formed in 2003 by two animal nutritionists. Building on their combined experience of manufacturing, nutrition and logistics in the wider animal feed industry, their vision was to make mineralised salt licks of the highest possible quality and offer them at competitive prices to customers across the world.

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Chris Hammond BSc (Hons), MBA - Director

Chris studied at the University of Leeds in England, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Nutrition & Physiology. His studies covered all aspects of the nutrition of farm animals and Chris’ particular area of interest was the interaction of certain dietary trace elements and the resulting effect on their bio-availability in an animal’s gut. After leaving Leeds, Chris developed his career with a number of commercial farm animal feed companies, developing feed products and advising farmers on various aspects of nutrition. In 2000, Chris began a three year part-time study programme, leading to a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Derby. His studies focussed the on extent and nature of product innovation in the pet food industry. During his MBA programme he co-founded Harlequin Nutrition Ltd with David Southey. Harlequin developed steadily, eventually specialising in salt lick manufacture and now supply both UK and global markets. Chris is married with two daughters and lives in Nottingham, England.

David Southey BSc (Hons) - Director

David is a graduate animal nutritionist of Leeds University in England, and after graduating he spent 2 years advising on nutritional issues on farms and in zoos around the UK. In 1992 he joined the vitamin manufacturer BASF, where he was their European Pet Specialist, which involved the formulation of vitamin premixes and customers’ recipes. His key achievement here was the conception, design, and development of a new premix facility dedicated to pet food. His subsequent appointment was as the Nutritional Sales Director for the UK’s largest private-label pet food manufacturers, Golden Acres Ltd., where David assisted their growth into new market sectors, eventually achieving sales in excess of €30m. In 2002, David joined forces with Chris Hammond to form Harlequin Nutrition Ltd. as well as also established his own consultancy business in 2007. David currently lives in the North of England with his wife Fiona, 2 young sons and assorted pets.

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