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Mineralised Salt Licks
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Quality Certification

Harlequin’s production facility is fully accredited to the UK’s Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (‘UFAS’) quality standard. This incorporates HACCP principles as a core element, and demonstrates that our mineral licks are manufactured with Feed Safety as a prime consideration. UFAS is a Product Certification Scheme, accredited to International Standard EN45011 (ISO Guide 62). UFAS is equivalent to the GMP+ B1 and Ovocom-BC-02 (MP) standards, developed in other European countries.

Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK


Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK

Our salt licks are manufactured under several hundred tonnes of pressure to ensure complete compression of the lick block. This provides a high degree of binding and cohesion and results in a robust mineral lick with smooth surfaces and clean edges, able to withstand repeated handling and exposure to wet weather.

The lick blocks are made with a central hole, which is useful for mounting in a holder or for suspending them on a rope to provide an anti-boredom activity.

Our mineralised salt bricks are made on a hydraulic press production line of a unique design, which can not only generate the immense pressures required, but also make a variety of sizes – anything from 4kg to 10kg!

We use a pure source of clean white rock salt, laid down some 200 million years ago, plus permitted trace elements and vitamins only, as permitted by European Union regulations. This is your guarantee of quality!

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