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Mineralised Salt Licks
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Why Mineralised Salt Licks?

Salt (sodium chloride) is a critical nutrient for the wellbeing and health of all livestock, providing an essential factor in nerve function as well as regulating the osmotic pressure of blood plasma. Animals have a natural appetite for sodium, which therefore makes it an ideal base for a free-access mineral and trace element lick. The animal will be strongly attracted to the lick, but once its appetite has been satisfied, it will stop, thereby avoiding over-consumption, addictive behaviour and waste. The salt requirements of animals differs widely, depending on species, age, breed, pregnancy, lactation stage and climate (amongst many other factors), so a free-access mineralised salt lick provides the ideal supplement to help ensure each animal gets the required daily amount.

Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK Harlequin Nutrition Ltd UK

Our salt bricks can be made to almost any mineral specification. We have a standard range to suit dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, with or without chelated trace elements, rich in magnesium or phosphorus. However, we are proud to make any specification of mineral lick to suit your own customers and market.

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